Do you struggle with poor digestion?

The food we eat has a large impact on how the body works. If you eat lots of junk food, you will often experience gastrointestinal problems. Unhealthy food gives your body no benefits, and therefore your stomach lets you know that something is not right.

It is important to give your body proper nutrients, but what exactly are proper nutrients?

The three main ones are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Many of us assumes that the body needs lots of carbohydrate and fat, when proteins are the most ideal source to better health.

By eating more proteins you will experience a feeling of being filled longer than if you for example eat carbohydrates. That’s because it takes longer to decompose proteins than carbs and fat, and they will therefore remain in the stomach longer. The benefit of this is that it takes more time for you to get hungry again.

When your body is incapable of absorbing the right nutrients in your diet, we often say that your body has gone into “rest mode”. In order to get your body out of this state, you often need to change your diet.


We have 28 days food program, which will help your cells to restart and you will get a fresh start. This program has helped many people in the same situation as you, and they experience both weight loss and more energy.

Does this sound interesting for you?

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